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SEO & Digital Marketing
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Do you want more web traffic? Higher rankings? A greater ROI & conversion rate? MCCP’s Digital Marketing Team is at the forefront of technical search engine optimisation and data driven digital marketing. Our extensive knowledge of marketing and our advanced search engine optimisation techniques means we can increase your online visibility, traffic and conversion rates whilst conforming to Google’s varying rules and regulations.

We know what Google wants! – We are proud of our extensive technical knowledge and understanding of search engine algorithms and how they work. This is why our data driven approach works so well. We don’t allow our SEO work to fall into the many traps and pitfalls of Google’s constantly changing algorithms. We constantly adapt and update our methods so that we remain at the forefront of SEO techniques.

Our Data Driven SEO & Digital Marketing Services
There's actually quite a lot we can do for you...

Research, Analysis & Strategy

  • Extensive user & website performance audits
  • Competitor and Keyword Research
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • In-depth Marketplace Analysis

MCCP can remove the guesswork from your digital marketing campaign by combining exhaustive research into your competitors, keywords and marketplace with extensive data analysis. We then clearly outline what your bespoke campaign does and doesn’t need.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Transparency and Clarity with our Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
  • Landing Page Creation and Keyword Targeting
  • Link Building and Maintenance
  • Complete Page-by-Page Website Optimisation

We know how confusing the world of SEO can be that’s why we make the effort to explain exactly what we do and why… every step of the way. We take immense pride in, and thrive on, gaining high ranking organic search engine results for your website. We use our vast and refined technical SEO techniques to ensure Google ranks you highly for your specific market.

In-depth Data Analytics

  • Constant analytics and website performance monitoring
  • Lead generation and user interaction insight
  • Regular sales / conversion based adaptations made to bespoke campaign
  • Clear and detailed customer analytics reports

Getting a website up and running is only the start. Our clients not only want their campaigns to hit the ground running, they also want to know that their campaign can change and evolve to reflect the dynamic nature of how visitors use the website; thereby continuously maximising revenue opportunities from the site.
That’s why we never stop monitoring, reporting and refining our bespoke campaigns based on our detailed insight into each client’s individual requirements.

Paid Advert Campaign Services (PPC)

  • Complete paid advert creation and implementation
  • Detailed keyword selection and landing page optimisation
  • Thorough competitor and audience analysis
  • Clearly outlined goals and objectives for applied bidding strategies

Organic results are great, we love them, but paid adverts can really make a difference. We apply the same level of customisation to our PPC work as we do for our SEO.We ensure that the keyword optimised adverts we create, implement and maintain not only point to your optimised landing pages but that the content of these optimised pages provide the greatest possible opportunity of converting a web site visit to a positive outcome. The result: A Greater Conversion Rate and ROI.

Content Marketing

  • Customised, unique and optimised content planning and creation
  • Increase customer interaction through fresh blog posts and third party guest blogging
  • Content-Lead link building and increased brand exposure
  • Data driven decision making for your content marketing strategies

Content is king and we know it! At MCCP our technical background means we understand what Google wants – fresh, unique and optimised content and we offer expertise for every step of your digital journey. From data driven content strategy and planning, to the creation and implementation of bespoke, optimised and high quality content that reaches out to your selected audience.

MCCP has the expertise, in-house to make your digital journey cost-effective and successful.

Social Media Marketing

  • Bespoke social media strategy
  • Detailed social media insight and data analysis
  • Community management and (socially keyworded) focused content
  • Social Media Advertising

A focused strategy for social media activity is vital to any business looking to increase brand exposure and grow revenue.

To show you the benefits of long lasting client communication, we will help you to create a social hub around you and your company. But we don’t stop there… once your social media brand is established with your chosen audience we will then look to increase both traffic and sales through our targeted audience marketing campaigns.

Video Marketing

  • Complete professional video production services
  • Thoroughly planned and targeted video content for increased brand exposure
  • Landing page video content creation & lead generation
  • Video performance insight & analytics

Not only is video a compelling way to engage with your customers, Google absolutely loves video! A well-crafted, market focused video with optimised content delivered via your website and social profiles can not only increase traffic and conversion rates it can also make your Google rankings soar.

We’re great at using video to tell complex stories simply and cost effectively – a skill that comes from decades of making corporate videos for a wide range of clients across all genres including live action, 3D graphics and animation.We have the in-house resources to plan, film, edit and deliver high quality marketing videos and digital content for your website and social profiles.

Campaigns Crafted for You
No two businesses are the same, why should their marketing be?

Our clients receive optimised websites, optimised traffic and optimised sales. Probably because each client campaign is optimised to them.

Data Driven Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Our integrated data driven digital marketing service is something we’re very proud of at MCCP.

We have gone out of our way to work out how best to integrate our services and the results are impressive! We use home-grown software and analytics systems, intricate and frequent audits and then we combine them with bundles of our digital marketing services to create MCCP’s unique Data Driven Integrated Digital Marketing Services. (Socially Keyworded & Search Engine Optimised Content Creation, Data Driven Search Engine Marketing, Focused Paid Traffic Acquisition)

So if you’re looking for integrated digital marketing expertise with game changing results, then this is the package for you.

Bespoke Pick ‘n’ Mix

At MCCP we have an extensive auditing system that we use to create bespoke Pick’n’Mix campaign suggestions.

We work out what you need, might want and don’t require. Not only does this allow us to focus our work and efforts effectively, it means our clients know that every part of their budget has its own distinct purpose.

We know that ‘one campaign fits all’ isn’t possible when it comes to Digital Marketing and SEO and we also know that it’s important to work as closely and effectively with existing Website Management teams, that’s why our Pick’n’Mix suggestions take your current situation into account and ensure the campaign you’ve signed up for, will make the most of the resources you already have.

Transparency and Clarity throughout

We believe in transparency and feel that this is vital for any successful digital marketing and client relationship. That’s why we have gone that extra mile to not only ensure that all of our systems are easily accessible to you, we also use a model where you can choose when and how you get your feedback and reports whether that be through regular emails, phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

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