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Video Creation

From initial creative concepts, through every stage of production to delivering the final cut, we make sure that we never lose sight of the business imperative for your video. Our approach is creative and pragmatic, friendly and affordable, professional and principled.


Testimonials, expert interviews, masterclasses, training resources, internal communications, product demonstrations and more, MCCP has a comprehensive portfolio of the many ways live action videos can engage, entertain and inform viewers. From filming events for live streaming and future reference to training videos used for continuous professional development, recording real people telling real stories, whether it’s in an office, a studio or on location, is a great way to get your message across clearly and consistently. From storyboarding and the gentle encouragement and coaxing that some people need to perform at their best in front of camera to the completed and beautifully crafted production, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to guide you through all stages of a video production and deliver your video on time, on budget and on message.


MCCP has produced a wide portfolio of 3D graphics that explain complex processes and procedures in simple, visually stunning and easy to understand animations. We can convert CAD drawings of your product, deconstruct it virtually and place it in any environment that can be imagined. We can create animations to seamlessly mix with live action footage to bring to life the most challenging of topics. From the workings of an energy saving, turbo generator and the manufacture of car body parts to explanations of how a pumped heat electricity storage process works and the benefits of using an expanding epoxy foam system, we are experts in taking a complex brief and devising simple and imaginative ways to visualise the unseen.

Event Creation

We love live events! Organising a successful live event requires grounded, creative ideas, finding a great venue and seamless technical support. MCCP event solutions are an optimum balance of creativity, innovation and affordability.

Engaging Staff

Change is the only constant in life and because of this, ‘change’ is one of the main drivers for companies to arrange staff conferences. The benefits of a well-planned, carefully orchestrated, and strictly budgeted internal conference are varied and numerous. Whether it’s to sell or tell a change in direction of a company to your management and/or staff, who after all are the only people that can make a real difference to the success of a company, or establish, through dialogue and engagement, a clearly shared vision of the future, MCCP has the imagination, experience and technical expertise to make the most of the budget you have available.

Encouraging Sales

Externally focused events offer an unparalleled level of customer engagement and are an important part of a company’s marketing mix offering 4 main benefits including increased brand awareness, lead generation, an opportunity to engage with potential and existing customers and educating attendees. MCCP has a long and successful track record of planning and delivering a diverse assortment of events with an equally varied range of financial investment. From Awards evenings and ‘best practice’ conferences to product launches and press conferences in venues across the UK and internationally we provide the same level of excellent service and expertise irrespective of budget

SEO & Digital Marketing

Whether you’re launching a new site or simply looking to increase the effectiveness and return on investment from your existing web presence, we can help.

We apply our technical knowledge and in depth understanding of the internet to the business requirements of your web activity to develop and deliver a bespoke and optimised campaign.

We offer a wide range of services within our SEO & Digital Marketing work:

  • Research, Analysis & Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • In-depth Data Analytics
  • Paid Advert Campaign Services (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing

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