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Video Creation

Product Showcase of Four Main Markets


The original brief was to create a set of three videos that showcased Gurit’s provision of advanced composite materials and services in three main markets; wind, automotive and marine.

Each video had its own unique challenge. For automotive we needed to show a manufacturing process that produced carbon fibre body parts for a prestige car marque. For the wind video we needed to demonstrate how the company’s range of products could be used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades. And for marine we had to demonstrate how its products and services are used in the construction of dinghies to super yachts.

For wind we created a layer by layer, 3D model of a typical wind turbine blade as well as a video to explain a new wind turbine repair system. 

For automotive we integrated 3D modelling with live action of the manufacturing process.

And for the marine programme we applied video effects to seamlessly link clips from a variety of customers’ promotional videos to show the range of craft that used their products and services.

Since the original brief we have been called back to update the productions and produce videos to demonstrate their expansion into tooling and the development of their product range.

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