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First Europe-Wide Gathering of Top 200 Executives and Managers


  • Major International FMCG Client

The brief was to create a ‘memorable event’ that was inclusive and celebratory for the first Europe-wide gathering of the top 200 executives and managers of a major US based FMCG. The client had recently taken over a company with a household name in its market and wanted the event to break the mould. For long serving members of the management team it had to look and feel different to anything that had happened before. For those managers from the recently acquired organisation it needed to set the bench mark for the future.

The Arts Hotel in Barcelona had been chosen and the agenda set. A main part of this was to celebrate the accomplishments of the 5 divisions that made up the organisation without, to quote the CEO, ‘inflicting death by powerpoint.’

We staged the conference with cabaret style seating in the round. In each corner of the room was a giant screen to relay live feeds of each session with an additional video curtain.

Each table had its own 16×9 monitor and video switching enabled us to switch between the 4 live cameras feeds, pre recorded videos, some powerpoint decks and an assortment of artwork and logos.

The feedback from delegates agreed that the brief had been achieved and the bench mark set for the future.

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