Millions and millions of views for H4H campaign

Two very emotional days of filming and 6 days of editing went into producing the 6 films in the Help for Heroes Facing it Together Campaign. It was a privilege to be present as these real life heroes told their stories of bravery and selflessness.

Hard to believe that 3 weeks have passed since we filmed the interviews for the Help for Heroes, We're Facing it Together campaign

Fraud Prevention Strategies

Following on from the success of the Rio edit for ACI Worldwide posted during this year’s Olympics we’ve just completed this short video about fraud prevention strategies for merchants during the peak holiday season.  

Never a dull moment…

Last week we were finding out about Telco fraud from a leading, global, electronic payments solution company that enables payment processing for $14 + trillion in payments and securities transactions a day. Tomorrow we’re in London working with ‘The Law Firm of the Year’ filming a series of training videos called ‘Understanding Company Report and Accounts.’

Countdown to Rio

The 2016 Rio Games have begun and the eyes of the world are on Rio de Janeiro. We’ve just completed this video for ACI Worldwide that features ACI Risk Analysts from around the world discussing how merchants can counter fraud, and enable revenue, during the Games. It’s made up of one location shoot, sadly not in Rio, 10 stock footage clips, some Brazilian street carnival music, self shot contributions from South America, Australia and the US, 40 Earth zooms and a…

New customers

We’re delighted to have completed 2 video projects working with 100% Marketing based in Dubai. The videos all needed to be completed in time for the big composites industry show, JEC, in Paris last month. We hear that the event was a great success for 100% Marketing, Scigrip and Future Materials Group.

Make mine a skinny latte….

Week 6 of the London based training videos and half term traffic meant we arrived in time for a Starbucks before the shoot. What a coincidence then that when taking a few moments to read The Times on line the first headline that catches the eye is one announcing the 25 spoons of sugar in some of their drinks.


The animation project explaining some great new technology that provides greater efficiency and environmental benefits to gas turbine power plants has been completed Take a look at Isentopic CCGT Storage