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Our story

MCCP started out as a video production company that also offered expertise in managing and producing bespoke events for the corporate sector. More recently we have added SEO and digital marketing expertise to our skill set with the recruitment of a Head of Digital.

The 3 strands of our business have a natural synergy and have evolved from the needs our customers but how did we arrive at our current portfolio of services? From our early days as a corporate producer working as part of ITV we found that many of the videos we produced were being used at events and conferences. We were also being asked to film more and more events so that the content could be made available long after the delegate badges had been recycled.

As a result of the reliable, creative and affordable services we provided some of our customers asked us to get involved in the planning and production of their events. Very soon we found that we were getting calls for our event management expertise which quite naturally meant we then produced videos for the events we were staging for them.

Since those early days of MCCP, when dial up tones were synonymous with the internet and buffering was an accepted part of trying to watch a video on line, video is now readily accessible on more devices than ever. And there’s dramatically more competition to get your video watched – 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, we found that some of the impact of our beautifully crafted videos was being lost amongst the plethora of productions out there. Around 2007 Google integrated video into its universal search offering meaning that websites featuring video gain a significant SEO advantage but only if the video is incorporated into your web site in ways that Google prescribes.

So, it seemed natural to look at ways to make our customer’s investment in video work harder for them which is why we now offer SEO and digital marketing services.

Our three areas of expertise are a natural fit. Each one requires creativity and innovation to stand out in the market place. All 3 disciplines require attention to detail, meticulous planning and excellent technical expertise to be successful. And all the activities are scalable according to budget and time constraints.

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Martin Morrall has worked in theatre, newspapers, television and in the third sector. The majority of his career has been spent in a number of business development and corporate communications roles in ITV leading to the board position of Marketing and Commercial Affairs Director for Meridian Broadcasting. In May 2003, Martin set up MCCP, a video and event production company and in the same year consolidated his practical management experience in ITV with the award of an MBA, with distinction, from the University of Southampton.

Martin is an experienced producer/director and a strategic and astute leader who injects enthusiasm and gravitas to influence at all levels.

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Sam joined MCCP as an apprentice straight from college and quickly showed a natural aptitude for a wide range of video production disciplines and proved himself to be an invaluable addition the MCCP’s event crew.

Since completing his apprenticeship and a number of production training courses, Sam has honed his creative skills and technical expertise by working for and with a number of broadcast camera operators, editors and producers. He has also worked as a camera operator, video editor and production co-ordinator on many varied productions for blue-chip companies both in the UK and internationally.

From the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to events for Kraft and Barclaycard, Sam is a multi-disciplined operative with first-hand experience to produce top-level videos and events.

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MCCP’s core staff work with a wide range of talented freelance technicians putting together crews with the expertise to best suit each and every project. From broadcast trained camera operators to award winning post production staff our long standing working relationships with the best in the business means we can provide a specialist team for a wide range of production genres and creative treatments.

This bespoke team approach allows us to keep our overheads to a minimum whilst as the same time ensuring you get the best talent available for your video production.

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Where we’re based

MCCP’s head office is in Botley, not far from Southampton where we have our admin centre, graphics work stations and editing facilities. The offices are not far from three main line railway stations in Hampshire with Winchester, which is less than an hour from London, a 20 minute drive away.

Where do we cover?

Although we are located in the heart of central southern England, we have never found our location to be an issue for the services we provide. From our base near Southampton we have carried out projects in the USA, various locations throughout main land Europe and as far afield as Singapore and China.

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